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Easily weeding and loosening the soil to grow flowers and vegetables is convenient and easy to use.

Make weeding a breeze. The hollow design is easy to enter the soil. There is no soil in the middle.

Selected high-quality steel is more durable. Can beat hard clods or stubborn weeds.

Application: It adopts a special hollow design and is a very practical hand tool for gardeners. It can be used for daily gardening work such as weeding, soil loosening, and vegetable planting.

Description: After the hoe is stretched out, just pull it back to quickly weed

Material: Selected high-quality steel, hand-forged and welded, durable.

Forging process: using traditional quenching forging process, without any anti-rust polishing treatment, the surface will appear a bit rough, but it will not affect the use.

Wide range of uses: household weeding/ditching/soil loosening/seeding/planing equal.

Note: This handmade hoe is very sharp. Protective gloves must be worn during use to avoid injury. In addition, it must not be used for children to play, otherwise it will be very bad


Product size: about 15*28.5CM

Package Included:

1*hollow hoe



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