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Authoritative safety certification, rest assured to use!

The air pump is newly upgraded!

1.Dual LED digital display screen, which can measure car tire pressure
2.4000mAh battery, one charge can supply air to 30 wheels
3. Upgrade turbo speed, 10 seconds to pump up quickly

4.5 smart modes, easy to operate, get started in 1 second
5. Can deflate balls, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, swimming rings, etc.

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Complimentary storage bag, convenient to carry the air pump.

Why choose our air pump?

1.4000mAh battery capacity, wireless use after full charge;
2. Simple and portable, no need to connect the power cord when inflating bicycles, motorcycles, and balls;

3. Double LED digital display screen, can measure tire pressure, safer, no need to worry about overcharging;
4. Upgrade the turbo, the charging speed is accelerated to 10 seconds

Both an air pump and a power bank

The 4000mAh battery capacity can charge mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

4000mAh battery capacity

Wireless and portable, inflatable on a single charge:
About 12 car tires
About 20 motorcycle tires
About 10 bicycle tires
About 60 balls

10 seconds Fast Inflation

The turbo upgrade, the inflation speed is significantly increased by 60%, and the inflation is fast in 10 seconds!

2 Tire pressure display modes

After connecting the air pump to the device that needs to be inflated, the actual current tire pressure will be displayed as a reference.

4 smart modes

There are 4 built-in inflation modes for cars/motorcycles/bicycles/balls. If you don't know how to use the tire pressure settings, just adjust to the corresponding mode and start inflation.

When the air pump completes inflating the device, it will automatically stop pumping without human supervision.

No fear of low temperature

Whether you are in a region with low temperature such as Russia or Europe, the air pump can work normally.

Comes with LED flashlight

Press the "+" key twice to start it, and it can be used normally at night.

Just 4 steps to get the job done!

Package description

CQB-100: battery capacity 2000mAh; maximum tire pressure 120PSI; 2 digital display screens; 5 smart modes;
CQB-103: battery capacity 4000mAh; reverse charging possible; maximum tire pressure 150PSI; 1 digital display screen; 4 smart modes;



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