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Product description

This aroma diffuser uses light energy to work

In the absence of light, the aroma diffuser will only evaporate the fragrance naturally

In the presence of light (such as sunlight or light), it will rotate automatically and accelerate the emission of fragrance

The speed of rotation depends on the intensity of the light, the stronger the light, the faster the rotation speed

The included ceramic incense chip is scented

If you feel that it is not enough, you can add your own essential oils, or buy essential oils from  this shop

The perfume in our shop has the functions of removing aldehydes, deodorizing, and refresh.

Packing 1:Aroma Diffuser + Fragrant Tablet+instruction manual

Packing 2:Aroma Diffuser + Fragrance Tablets + Essential Oil*1+instruction manual

note: After installation, turn manually firstly, and then it will automatically turn (under light)

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