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Spring is a good time for germination, and the seeds can be sown at this moment to get the fruits as soon as possible. Getting your hands-on results is extra rewarding!

🌱【Grow Lights】Plant growth lights can promote stem rooting, chlorophyll formation, carbohydrate accumulation, absorption, and utilization. Plant growth lights can artificially control light quality, light intensity, and light cycle so that plants are always in the best growing environment, which can improve quality and increase yield.

🌱【Adjustable Humidity Design】Adjustable humidity from 50-100%. You can easily adjust the inner humidity and temperature by rotates the regulator to accommodate different stages of seed-to-seedling growth. The ventilation holes are good for the rapid growth of plants and fully control the germination process.


🌱【Clear View Of Plant Roots】The seed starter tray use transparent materials that make it easy to observe the germination and growth of seeds during the breeding process without interrupting the growth process. The attached plant label helps you record the growth process.

🌱【Perfect for Plant and Seed】Each cell on seed sprouting trays has enough space for your seedlings to develop a strong root system before transplanting to your garden. Each greenhouse cell tray has a drainage hole at the bottom to properly ventilate and drain, making the roots develop better.

🌱【Superb Material】The seedling starter trays are made of outstanding PET material, which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, sturdy, not easy to break, durable for long time use, and will not affect the germination and growth of seeds.

🌱【Wide Applications】The indoor greenhouse kit with grow light is a great option for a large variety of plants such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, and other plants. The watertight base tray is also very suitable for hydroponic use. The plant growing kit will encourage faster growth by giving your seedlings more access to nutrients and plenty of space.


  • Color: Green, 
  • On the top: Built-in humidity adjustment
  • Weight: 640g 


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