This discount is for you : Halloween Wreath Bat Black Branch Wreaths With Red LED Light 45CM Wreaths For Doors Window Flower Garland Halloween Decoration

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1. Regarding product size: 42cm does not refer to the diameter of the wreath, but rather to the widest length of the wreath after unfolding

2. Regarding LED lights: We will provide a free light for each order, but due to logistics restrictions, all LED lights do not include batteries

3. Regarding product material: The product is a simulated tree branch that is not fragile; However, due to the long logistics transportation time, it is inevitable that violent transportation and squeezing problems will occur, and the product will have a certain degree of deformation. After receiving the product, we only need to manually restore it

4. Regarding flash powder: In order to make our products look better, we have sprayed black flash powder on each product; Due to the special nature of the material, there may be powder shedding. This is normal, please do not worry, the product can be used normally





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