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Dream Tooth Whitener!
No more embarrassing yourself when you smile! You deprive yourself of letting out a smile with the will will no longer be a problem!
Do you also feel embarrassed when you smile?
Now that's over! Meet the Instant Bleach Tooth Whitening - The Tooth Whitener that is able to whiten your teeth up to 8 times more and you already see the first result in a few minutes.

Instant Tooth Whitener is 100% safe, proven, and developed by specialist whitening dentists in the United States.


THE TRUTH? The truth is that you've tried in many ways to fix your teeth, tooth whitening, pay specialists and still, none of that solves your problem and you still feel terrible about it.

THE SECRET? It works like magic to improve your self-confidence and your well-being so you can smile without being afraid or ashamed of anything.


✅ Doesn't damage anything

 Don't worry, Bleach Instant Tooth Whitener contains no toxic or chemical ingredients that could harm your teeth, gums or mouth alone.

You will never have to pay a specialist to treat your teeth WHITENING ✨


✅ Efficacy

 Our Whitener was made by specialist dentists and approved by several users, it guarantees a home treatment and much more economical.

It creates a protective layer that prevents teeth from staining with food pigments.


✅  Durability and Result

With a lasting effect, you just need to apply it once every two weeks, unlike conventional treatments, which damage the sensitivity of the teeth.

It is also made of special enzymes that enhance teeth whitening throughout the application.


Why is Instant Tooth Whitener for me and how does it work?


Instantly whitens your teeth

Perfect to have a smile up to 8x whiter, spending little

100% safe. Does not spoil tooth enamel and does not impair sensitivity

Made with non-toxic ingredients

Developed by dental experts

Your smile will never be the same



Ingredients: Natura Plant extracts

Net Content: 60 ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

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