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Product description
Breathable orthopedic insole
Release vitality, enjoy sports vitality
Velvet, PU material, breathable knitted mesh
Soft and comfortable, light and convenient, correct feet, absorb sweat and breathe

Suitable for people with various foot problems
Protect your feet
Reasonable design, enhance comfort
The protruding part of the arch of the foot designed according to human mechanics provides support to the foot and increases the contact surface of the foot
Suitable for people with a variety of foot problems, such as 0X legs, internal and external horoscopes, foot varus, high arch feet, flat feet
Evenly distribute foot pressure
Professional, responsible and patient. What you care about is what we care about
Product Name: Breathable Corrective Sports Insole Product
Material: PU+ breathable knitted mesh product
Color: Green&Black&Orange Product Code: 34-42 small-medium-large
Production process: perfusion

Preferred material
Soft and comfortable breathable fabric
U-shaped convexity can correct the foot
Thickened heel can slip
Anti-slip forefoot can be massaged
Can be cropped
Soft and comfortable
The insole fabric is made of swan fabric, which absorbs sweat and breathes, feels comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly, soft and delicate.
Flank arch support
Reasonable design to enhance comfort. Suitable for people with various types of foot problems, such as OX-shaped legs, internal and external horoscopes, foot varus, high arch feet, flat feet


Anti-slip shock absorption outsole
The bumpy MODU elastic buffer layer that directly touches the footsteps, reduces walking fatigue
Non-slip massage
The insole surface is made of breathable knitted mesh fabric, and the insole bottom is designed with non-slip wave points, which can comfortably massage the forefoot of the foot


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