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RUIXIN PRO RX-009 Knife Sharpener -Newest model


Q How to set angles? And What's the angle range?


A  If you want to sharpen the knife more accurately but have no iPhone with a rangefinder tool, please download the Goniometer to help set the angle. you canadjust the degree from 7 degree to 40 degree.The angle range 7*-40°

Q How to deal with the angle difference while filp over?


A  There will be an error of 1.5-3.5° when the sharpening clamp is turned over. The angle difference will not affect the use, but we recommend that you adjust the angle when needed. (If you are very concerned about the angle error, please do not flip the sharpening clip, you just need to remove the knife and reinstall the side you need to sharpen)


Q Can we use it for chef's knives?


A  Off course, This global knife sharpener can sharp ANY BL ADE, steak knife, sontoku knife, paring knife, sushi knife, cleaver knife, wasabi knife, japanese knife,butcher knife, Hunting Knife, Pocket Knife, Scissor, Chisel, Blade, Straight Razor, etc.


Q Length of Knives can be sharpened?


A  Our Knife sharpener kit can sharpen knife or tool up to length: 20 cm

How do I know what's included in the package I purchased?
The sharpening stone of the package you purchased will be displayed on the table (that is, you will receive all the stones on the table after purchasing) and a separate sharpener.

About the gift, check the picture of the set you buy, there is a gift picture, will be presented,


no gift picture, will not be presented, please note this when buying.

Due to the special material reasons, the hardware products will inevitably have scratches,can not accept the buyers please be careful to buy, thank you for your cooperation.



How do customers choose a sharpening stone?


1. The lower the mesh number of the whetstone, the harder the surface, which is suitable for tools with short wear debris.


2. The higher the mesh width of the whetstone, the finer the surface, which is suitable for daily polishing.




* When using the sharpener for the first time, please put the sharpening stone in the water for a while until there are no air bubbles. Maintaining


proper moisture can effectively prevent stone wear and prolong its service life.


* When using, add a few drops of water to the whetstone to avoid drying out during use.

* Please wash and dry the whetstone after use, and place it in a dry environment at room temperature. Avoid high temperatures.


Product Size


1. Please allow 0-2cm error due to manual measurement; please keep this in mind before purchasing.


2. Due to the shooting environment, light, color difference of different monitors, etc., the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.


If you have any questions, or if the product is damaged in shipping, please contact us before filing a dispute or giving negative feedback and we will do our best to assist you. Thanks!



Newly upgraded Pivot and tool holders / Professional knife sharpener


New Upgrade Pivot304 Stainless Steel Safe and durable no rust


New upgrade knife clipNon-slip Removable and freely adjustable.


New G-shaped baseSolid as a rock, sharpen your knife with confidence.


Compatible with various blades


※Does not support sawtooth


Suitable for all kinds of knivesand scissors in the kitchen.


Sharpening stone clamping system, compatible with different sizes, lengths, widths and

thicknesses of sharpening stones, with or without a base.


Tip: If the stone in the clamp is loose, you can turn the wrench in the picture below, which will make the clamp and the stone tighter on both sides. not easy to loosen.



Correct installation steps: the following figure


360° degree rotation design,Pull out the reversible knife holder


360° flip sharpening knifeis more convenient and simple.


Ergonomic design, suitablefor tool lovers who like to use hands.


Tip: The flip angle has 1.5 ° - 2 ° error, does not affect the use.


Accurately control the angle of sharpening


Step 1: Return to zero point on the reference


Step 2: Adjust to the desired degree


The angle between the clamp and the horizontal plane is 15 degrees.When using the level directly, this operation step can be omitted


When using the spirit level directly,for example:Need to set the sharpening angle to18°=15° (reference degree)+ 3°(the degreedisplayed by the level meter)




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