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How I Avoided Knee Surgery and Eliminated Joint Pain in Less

Without invasive surgery, addictive painkillers, or time-consuming exercise routine


Every night, I wake up to throbbing knee pain.

Every night, I grab the painkillers from a nightstand and wash them with a glass of water…

And then I wait…

I wait until the medicine kicks in…

And by that time, I’m fully awake and can’t get back to sleep.

So I lay there and think.

I think about how it’s unfair my life has become as dull as my chronic knee pain.

Ever Since My Retirement, My Achy Knees Made My Life a Nightmare

I had to stop playing tennis with my husband, George.

We used to play together, but now he goes alone.

I used to do yoga with my friends Beth and Kathy…

Yet today, If I get down on the floor, I need help getting up.

It was so embarrassing I stopped going.

Walking a flight of stairs feels like climbing Mount Everest…

And the worst thing….

When George and I were younger, we always dreamed of our retirement.

You know, the time when the kids are all grown up.

When we’d laid off our lab coats and had all this time to travel the world.

Just the two of us.


My Achy Knees Killed This Dream On The Spot

Not so long ago, George and I celebrated our 35th Anniversary.

We wanted to travel to Italy.

We’d eat as much pizza and pasta as we’d like… And walk around the streets of Rome and Florence.

However…we had to cancel the trip because of me.

See, I didn’t want to be the one to stop every 5 minutes. I knew my knees could be a problem, so I started to walk every day for 15 minutes in preparation.

Maybe I walked a little bit too much…

But one night, I woke up to my knees the size of a baseball.

The pain was unbearable.

I tried everything under the sun to get rid of pain. I was desperate. I wore knee sleeves every day. I took a ridiculous amount of painkillers. I went to see a physical therapist.

And even though the swelling went away… The pain stayed. So we canceled the trip. I was heartbroken.

George seeing my low spirits, decided to take the matter into his hands.

One evening, when we were in bed, he told me about his friend who knew this doctor in Chicago.

Dr. Jeremy was the best bone doctor in the country, and maybe he could help.

I agreed to go, but deep down, I was afraid my only option would be surgery.

“Avoid The Surgery At All Costs”

These were the exact words Dr. Jeremy told us.

What a relief!

He assured me there was a way to avoid the invasive procedure and eliminate my chronic knee pain within


For The First Time In a Long Time, I Felt Hopeful.

“Let me show you something,” Dr. Jeremy continued.

He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a bionic looking knee sleeve.

“I’ll tell you what this is in a moment.

However, first, you must understand why you have achy joints.

Most doctors don’t bother explaining anything and send you to an operating table.

I’m different. I want you to know your own body. So let’s take a look.”

Just like a door hinge, your knees need lubrication otherwise they dry out and get damaged.

Normally, our knees are lubricated with something called synovial fluid. Not only does this fluid act like "WD-40" for your joints, but it also provides important nutrients to help your joints heal.

When you have more synovial fluid, your well-greased joints glide smoothly without any rubbing.


This means they don't grind and crumble like old chalk – so you don't experience pain or risk damage when you walk or stand.

But when you lack synovial fluid, you get that bone-on-bone grinding and pain.

Here's where it gets tricky

Turns out the only way to lubricate your joints is to move. But as you may know, when it hurts too much, you can't move.

The problem is when you don't move, synovial fluid can't get into the space between your joints. And with no fluid, you joints dry out, crack and crumble like old chalk.

Leaving you with bone-on bone knee joints – which traps you in a downward spiral where you move even less because of pain.


After years of refining the design, they created

The secret to this groundbreaking invention is its combination of the benefits of a rigid knee brace and a flexible knee sleeve.

allows people with knee pain to move freely and get more synovial fluid. Physical therapists and users everywhere are stunned at the results.

Through gentle compression it easily keeps all the parts in your knee together, taking pressure away from the inside of the knees.


Increasing stability, mobility and pain relief.


In turn, cartilage stops deteriorating and can actual heal.


Its patented compression straps allow you to get a custom fit, regardless of your body type.


Making sure that the sleeve stays securely in place at all times.


It won’t bunch up or slip around, allowing you to move in confidence!

I got 3 of them - 2 for daily use on each of my knees and 1 for backup.

Now, I didn’t expect quick results. It took me years to develop this pain…

However, to my surprise

Years of Pain, Embarrassment and Isolation,

I can’t describe the relief I felt when I first put  on my achy knees.

And by the second week, my knees felt so much better.

I could easily climb a few flights of stairs.

Sitting in a chair didn't hurt at all.

And the best of all….I could finally sleep through the night!

I’m back to playing tennis with George twice a week.

And I’m the first to show up at the yoga class with my friends.



the best affordable solution for knee pain on the market

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on appointments and waste hours driving to the office…

Instead, I wake up and slip over my knees…

And I know that I can go about the day with confidence and my pain melts away…

If it weren’t for , I’d probably have to go for surgery.

And you know how dangerous that is…

There are so many complications…

Months of therapy…

And I won’t even mention the cost.

Because  I can return to my everyday living.

I wake up excited for the day.

George and I plan a trip to Europe for three months.

And rest assured,  is coming with us.

Because this product almost saved my life.

I have more energy than I know what to do with.

And my garden is the best-looking in the entire neighborhood!

I can kneel for hours! No pain!

That's why I can’t recommend this knee sleeve enough. You'll see a huge difference in the first day!

Over 95% of Users Report Feeling Almost Instant Relief...



You Don’t Deserve To Live a Life Filled With Discomfort And Pain!

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