THIS IS A DISCOUNT FOR YOU - 30ml Gingival Quickly Repair Of Cavities Teeth Clean Whiten Remove Yellow Plaque Stains Relieve Gums Pain Decay Toothache

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Product description
Benefits: Gum Care
Capacity: 30ml
Gross Weight: 48 Grams
Ingredients: Water, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Chlorophyll, Glycerin,VC
Product Size: 10.5*3*3cm
1. Advocate Timely Tooth Decay Repair!
2. Experience The Benefits Of Anti-caries Mousse!
3. Realize White Teeth And Remove Tooth Stains!
4. Relieve Gum Decay And Toothache!
5. Toothpaste For Comprehensive Oral Care!
How To Use:
1. Clean Your Mouth Before Going To Bed And Keep It Clean
2. Gently Squeeze Two Drops Into A Cup Filled With Water And Stir Well
3. Take A Sip Of The Diluted Mixture And Rinse Your Mouth For 1 Minute
4. Just Spit It Out, No Need To Rinse Your Mouth




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