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The Calming Otter Plush - Your Dog's Ultimate Stress Reliever!

Ease your pup's anxiety with our Calming Otter Plush, designed to provide a comforting presence. With a lifelike heartbeat and soothing sounds, it offers a sense of security and relaxation, perfect for calming your furry friend's worries, even in your absence.

Key Features of Our Calming Otter Plush

✅ Lifelike heartbeat: Mimics the comforting rhythm of a real heartbeat, promoting a sense of security for your dog.

✅ Soothing sounds: Calming noises help melt away stress and anxiety, creating a tranquil environment.

 Cozy hug-like feel: Soft and plush design offers a comforting embrace for your furry friend.

✅ Stress relief even when you're away: Provides a calming companion for your dog, ensuring their well-being even when you're not present.

✅ Durable and pet-safe: Crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting use and safety for your beloved pet.

Easy to Use :

Instant Soothing Activation at Your Fingertips, Easily trigger the calming vibes with a simple touch! Whether adjusting volume, selecting a comforting sound, or powering on, creating a serene space for your furry friend is effortless.


  • Product: Calming Otter Plush
  • Features: Lifelike heartbeat, soothing sounds
  • Activation: Touch-sensitive button
  • Material: Soft and durable plush

Package Include:

  • 1x Calming Otter
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