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Specification: 30ml
Status: liquid
Ingredients: purified water, dendrobium, extract of pistilus, elderberry, burdock leaf, grape seed oil

It acts on the lungs and respiratory system, stimulates and dilutes mucus through blood. In the trachea and lungs, it can help expel sputum and lung residues within 2 hours, and dredge the airway. It can also help correct your immune system and reduce allergic reactions. Through desensitization therapy and effective improvement of respiratory tract allergy/asthma and other diseases.

How to use:
1. Suck the throat with a dropper and apply 1-2ml (indicated in the dropper) three times a day.
2. A dose of more than 7 ml per day is not recommended.

Look out!
For external use only: Do not use this product if you are allergic to its ingredients. Do not use if there are skin ulcers, infections or open wounds. If allergic reactions occur during use, please clean immediately. If the condition is serious, please get medical treatment immediately.

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Package includes:
1*Herbal Lung Health essence

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