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Product description
Style difference:
Basic model: air pressure massage
Upgraded model: air pressure + heating hot compress
1.Massage/hot compress/beauty legs,A new definition of leg massage.
2.Air compression massager, Built-in battery, 2 modes, One-click control
3.Wireless and easy to carry,Air pressure massage,Constant temperature hot compress,Temperature adjustment,Intensity adjustment.
4.360 degree package, let you relax.

For half an hour a day, relieve sore legs and shape your legs.

Wireless massage, you can enjoy a lazy time at any time, no need to plug in, equipped with a large-capacity built-in battery, the airbag and the host are integrated into the design, and cleverly cope with the problems of many accessories and troublesome use of traditional massagers.

Sedentary is not swollen, no matter how busy the workplace is, you must have a good mood. Standing for a long time in the workplace, legs are swollen. With it, a good figure can also "sit out" in a hurry.

A more comfortable massage experience than human hands. Air pressure massage, soft and powerful, this is Kopfi's innovative air wave massage technology. The effect of kneading and massage can be achieved by changing the intensity of air pressure. Combined with the distribution of leg muscles, massage the calf muscles accurately to relax the fatigue of the calf and stretch the muscles.

"High-heeled shoes syndrome' restores the vitality of the legs. The beauty of high-heeled shoes, only the legs know the hard work behind them. After a busy day, give yourself a little time to relax. Be refined and comfortable.

2 levels of hot compress temperature to speed up the elimination of leg pain. Two temperature modes, low temperature of 40 degrees and high temperature of 55 degrees is just the right temperature to evacuate accumulated lactic acid and quickly relieve leg pain.

Exercise and stretch to satisfy the beauty-loving you. After exercising, you need to stretch in time, 360-degree full wrapping, to help tighten the leg line and say goodbye to small thick legs.
8 large airbag massage, 360° wrapping pressure experience, all-round muscle stretching, preventing leg muscle accumulation.

Two-stage compression, suitable for both men and women, different compression strengths are suitable for people with different pressures, from children to the elderly, the whole family can find a suitable strength.

Rebuild self-confidence and beautiful legs, stick to it all around, and the visible effect will change, leg swelling, muscle legs, calf thick and sore.

Massage and shaping, one piece is done, the massage circumference of this product is 60cm, suitable for massage of multiple parts
Meet the needs of different groups of people.

It is easy and portable, and you can go on a trip. The whole set weighs only 400g, so it is no longer hard to take it on the journey.
Timing time:
Product style:
see SKU map for details
Product weight:
about 400g
Leg strap size:
590* 350*2.5mm
Rated voltage:
Rated power:
Air Pressure Mode:
Circulation Mode
Power supply method:
wireless remote control
Massage principle:
air pressure
Package List:
1xCalf massager
1xUSB cable

1. Tear off the Velcro of the leg massager.
2. Put the massager on the legs by pressing the upper and lower positions, and attach the Velcro.
3. After long pressing the power button, the massager starts to work.
4. Press the power button to switch the massage intensity, 2 options are available.
5: Press the mode key to switch, 3 modes are optional.
6. Switch the temperature file - off.

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