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Product description

Relieve Hand And Foot Problems Onychomycosis Restores 20ml Nail Repair Gentle Nursing Liquid Skin Care Kill Fungi Repair


Brand: CFOUK

Name: nail repair

Efficacy: repair onychomycosis, relieve hand and foot problems

Net content: 20ml

Shelf life: 3 years

Size: 9.2*2.7*2.7cm

Weight: 30g

Applicable: General


1. Gentle ingredients, friendly to the skin, no side effects.

2. Penetrate nail beds, kill stubborn fungi, repair damaged nail beds.

3. High permeability, no irritation, can accelerate the regeneration of nails or toenails.

4. The rapid and effective of fungal diseases, the effect will soon be achieved.

5. Small bottle design, easy to carry and simple to use.


How to use:

1. File the affected area of the nail to enhance the permeability of the

2. Apply the serum to the entire surface of the infected nail.

3. Clean the surface with a dry cloth

Apply twice daily (morning and evening) for at least 4 weeks

Package Included:

1 * Nail Repair


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