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Product description

A.  Description:

Packing Size: 1.5*2.5*11.5cm

Gross Weight: 20g

Net Content: 1.4g

Packing: Boxed

Texture: Glow


1. Eyeshadow Easy To Remove: Metallic Luster, Easy To Wash Off, Will Not Stain The Skin

2. Creamy Texture: When Applied, There Will Be No Wrinkles And Lumps, Giving The Skin Luster

3. Lasting With Makeup: Super Easy To Mix, Lasting Throughout The Day, Not Easy To Take Off Makeup

4. Highlight Improvement: Apply On These Eyebrow Bones And Canthus To Improve Plump Apple Muscles

5. Glow All Day: The Soft Stick Gently Stroked The Delicate Skin Of The Eyes, Easy And Comfortable To Use

Package Included:

1 * eyeliner


B.  Description:

Brand: HISYI

Name: lying silkworm pen

Texture: matte, large sequins

Gross weight: 20g

Size: 1.5*1.5*10cm

Shelf life: 3 years

Applicable: General


1.4 colors are available: you can choose according to your preferences to meet your daily makeup needs.

2. Fine texture: delicate and smooth, easy to extend, easy to apply

3. Full color: rich color, high color, easy to create charming eye makeup

4. Long-term makeup: waterproof and sweat-proof, not easy to faint, can hold makeup for a long time

5. Easy to carry: suitable size, easy to carry, makeup, makeup can be applied to various occasions

Package Included:

1 * lying silkworm pen


C.  Description:

Name: lying silkworm pen

Gross weight: 18g

Size: 12*1.2*1.2cm

Shelf life: 3 years

Applicable: General


1. Smooth and smooth: soft glutinous glue pen texture, very good painting very smooth

2. Popular three colors: multi-color optional, to meet your needs for different makeup

3. Compact design: easy to carry, easy to use

4. waterproof sweat, not easy to fade

Package Included:

1 * lying silkworm pen

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