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Clinically proven to get thicker healthier hair from just 4 weeks!

Losing or thinning hair? Get real results without expensive medications.

Most hair loss & thinning concerns are genetically predisposed and leaving concerns untreated causes hair follicles to shrink further over time.


Eventually become obsolete, leaving surgery harmful medications to appear as the only "real" solution...

Introducing Alments

Hair Revive

The only at-home device utilizing 4 clinically proven methods to provide an effective all-in-one solution, finally resolving all hair concerns naturally with no side effects.


Whether you're experiencing hair thinning, hair loss or even scalp/root damage... Alments Trichologist made & approved HairRevive is the most effective proven way to maximize hair and scalp health.

Week 0 Baseline
Week 16 Treatment


Real People.

Real Results.

"...I've used red light and radio frequency on my skin before but never on my scalp so I wasn't too convinced it would do much.

But OH MY... Alments and their hair revive have exceeded my expectations. If you're also suffering from thin patchy hair (for me it was on my sides) then this is a complete game changer."


- Christina T.


Achieve Thicker


Healthier Hair

Hair loss & thinning come from an overproduction in the hormone DHT occurring in both men and women.  This hormone blocks your hair follicle’s nutrient absorption and energy levels shifting hairs from the growing phase to the resting phase.


This makes hair follicles dormant as they go through miniaturization, becoming thinner and more fragile until eventually the hair follicle is fully lost... meaning hairs are unable to grow back.

10 Minutes Of Daily Use

With The Hair Revive

Flood your starved hair follicles with the essential energy they’ve been dying for, stimulating the stem cells in the follicle’s bulb, shifting them to back to the growth phase, awakening the dormant thin hairs.


Then boosting blood flow finally allowing nutrients and oxygen to enter new reawakened hair follicles.  Causing 1000s of baby hairs to begin to sprout, and existing thin hair will start to grow thicker from the root.

Combining 4 Clinically

Reverse Your Hair Loss

Before It Worsens

Leaving hair loss untreated eventually leads to complete miniaturization, meaning your hair follicles are permanently lost with no chance of restoration.


Many people are still in the process of thinning and can reverse these effects, so it’s important to treat hair loss as soon as noticed to reverse as many hairs before full miniaturization.

Hair Regrowth Made Easy

Alments Hair Revive is expertly designed by leading trichologists to reawaken dormant hair follicles exiting them out of the resting phase, preventing further thinning.


Then by boosting blood circulation, allowing full absorption of nutrients and oxygen, it transitions hairs to the growth phase and keeping them there for longer. Resulting in new hairs sproutingthin hairs becoming thicker and even accelerated hair growth.

One Time Investment...

A Lifetime Of Results

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