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Rich Jiang Mu provides better makeup.

The handle design of the petal brush is easy to grasp.

3D diamond brush handle, easy to grasp and use.

Approximately 200000 thick pilling solid material.

The brush passage will not fall off.

Small size, portable.


Material: Nylon fiber plastic handle

Color: black, pink

Usage: Simple cosmetic brush of foundation make-up, BB cream and powder.

matters needing attention

1. After each use of the makeup brush, it should be gently brushed along the direction of the hair on the tissue to remove any excess makeup residue.

2. Pay attention to maintenance once a week. Soak the brush in a special cleaning agent, clean it along the hair, and then rinse it thoroughly with cold water. Finally, gently press with tissue paper to absorb the moisture.

3. After cleaning the brush, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place for natural air drying. Do not use a hair dryer to dry it, otherwise it may cause damage to the brush bristles.

After washing, you can also apply hair conditioner and rinse it with water to make the bristles softer.

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