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Tired of struggling with outdated cleaning tools?


Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the MiracleMop!

MiracleMop is your solution to tiresome cleaning chores. Featuring a revolutionary 360° rotating head, this mop makes cleaning effortless and efficient. Say farewell to strenuous wringing and enjoy drier, safer floors in no time.

MiracleMop is more than just a mop – it's the future of home cleaning.



Even includes a Squeegee!

Outfitted with a high-quality EVA squeegee, MiracleMop outperforms in flexibility and durability. Its unique design effortlessly eliminates excess moisture from windows and all types of flooring, ensuring a faster drying time and a cleaner living space.



Advanced Microfiber Technology

The MiracleMop comes with an innovative sticky microfiber pad that excels in absorbing water and trapping all manner of dirt, dust, and hair. And the best part? It's built to last, machine washable over 100 times, giving you long-lasting performance that outlives traditional mops.


Innovative Dewatering System

Let go of the messy ordeal of mop drying with MiracleMop's advanced dewatering feature. Its efficient design ensures that water is expelled from the pad swiftly – in less than a second – so you can continue cleaning without any interruptions.


Make the switch to MiracleMop today and experience the difference a truly optimized cleaning tool can make in your life.

Say goodbye to the old drag of mopping and welcome the bright future of effortless, quick, and thorough cleaning. Your floors will thank you!




  • Materials: plastic, microfibre, steel
  • Colours: White, Blue
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