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【Smooth Spine Alignment Pillow】A Smooth Spine Alignment Pillow is a specially designed pillow that helps to align the spine and reduce neck and back pain while sleeping. It features a unique shape and construction that supports the natural curves of the spine, promoting proper posture and spinal alignment. 【Total Body Alignment]】Sleeping with our leg pillow protects the spine from rotating and pulling, so your back and hips are in their natural alignment all night. Using our pillow also prevents the Sciatic Nerve from getting pinched. Save yourself the pressure, pain and tension - get back to doing what you love without physical pain. 【Improves Blood Circulation】If you’ve woken up with tingling limbs or swollen legs, you might have poor circulation to blame. The elevation of putting a pillow between your legs will help blood flow. 【Reduce Joint Pressure】Side sleeping with our leg pillow helps reduce pressure and strain on the joints, mainly the knees, hips and spine. It's the perfect solution for alleviating symptoms of Arthritis.

【Soft&Flexible Design】Our pillow is like a puzzle piece that perfectly fits your changing body, providing the missing link to a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.Promotes deep rest with flexible design.



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